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Achieve the internationally recognized and well-known IPMA Level D english certification in just 12 weeks via e-learning.

The Certified Project Management Associate IPMA® Level D certification is industry-independent and is aimed at people who want to enter the world of project management or have already gained initial experience and want to develop their skills further.

The course teaches the basics of project management according to the guidelines of the IPMA (International Project Management Association). You will learn the most important concepts, methods and tools for successfully planning, implementing and completing projects.

The aim of the course is to achieve certification as a Certified Project Management Associate IPMA® Level D.

Course dates IPMA Level D

Arguments for attending a course at 4Projects

Trust us with over 20 years of training and coaching experience and more than 800 certified graduates. 98% of our participants have successfully completed the certification.

  • Although the subject matter is complex, it is conveyed in an understandable and exciting way thanks to structure and practical examples.
  • Questions on theory and practice are also answered by the coach outside of course times.
  • Small classes: 6-12 participants for guaranteed learning success.
  • Up-to-date course content on all ICB4 competence elements.
  • Knowledge database and project management compendium (over 800 A4 pages with texts, illustrations, tables online and in PDF format). The PDFs can be used for an unlimited period of time and can also be used during the written exam.
  • Proven templates and tools for your own use.
  • Individual support with the e-learning version: video sessions with the coach if required
  • Scalable training: A combined course for all IPMA levels. In the event of higher certification at a later date, the course costs already paid to 4Projects will be credited.
  • Network of experienced project managers, scrum masters and product owners.
  • Exam training based on sample exams from past exams (PDF).

The IPMA certification is internationally recognized and well-known and is often associated with more responsibility and a salary increase.

The IPMA level at which you become certified depends on your experience. No experience is required for IPMA Level D.

Course fees and certification fees

Course option E-Learning
Course costs * CHF 2750.-

If there are 2 or more participants from the same company, you will receive a discount on the course costs. The costs for certification are excluded.

* excl. certification fees

Certification fees

The certification fees include the following certification steps from the VZPM and are not included in the course costs:

  • Application for certification/self-assessment
  • Written examination IPMA® Level D
Certification fees  
Certification fees for employed and non-employed persons: CHF 900.-
Certification fees for jobseekers (RAV, IV), students, candidates who are subject to the collective labor agreement for personnel leasing (Temptraining): CHF 440.-

IPMA® Level D certification process

The following figure shows the IPMA® Level D certification process. Our services (4Projects), the services of the certification body (VZPM) and the services of the candidates are listed under the individual certification steps and their delivery objects.

English can be chosen for the certification process, written examination or for the certificate language.

Course options and learning models

The course will be held in English and will be conducted exclusively as an e-learning course.

When you book an e-learning course, we will immediately send you the materials you need to start learning. With an e-learning course, you are not tied to our delivery dates.

Simply select the "E-learning" option in the course type on the booking form.

Course contents and objectives

The course content is based on the official IPMA standard and covers all 28 competence elements. The focus is on the methodology for the implementation of projects.

Course contents and objectives

Competence area Practices

Icon Practice competences
Competence element You are able to...
Project design draw up a basic procedural plan for a project at the start of the project,
Requirements and objectives define and prioritize requirements and goals,
Scope define the scope of services and determine the objects of delivery,
Time select an appropriate process model for project execution and adapt it accordingly,
create and adapt a process and schedule plan,
Organization and information set up a project information and documentation system,
Quality establish a quality management system,
Finance plan and manage your project in terms of costs and financing,
Resources plan, procure and deploy resources,
Procurement negotiate with suppliers,
Plan and control create and use a project controlling system,
Risk and opportunity plan and operate a risk and opportunity management system,
Stakeholders deal with those affected and involved for successful project acceptance,
Change and transformation sell the project not only functionally, but also psychologically for greater acceptance among those affected and involved.

Competence area People

Icon people competences
Competence element You are able to...
Self-reflection and self-management reflect and manage yourself,
Personal integrity and reliability build integrity and reliability for yourself and in the project team,
Personal communication communicate adequately,
Relationships and engagement build up a network,
Leadership lead yourself and others successfully,
Teamwork build an interdisciplinary high-performance team,
Conflict and crisis adapt to conflicts and crises and deal with them successfully,
Resourcefulness think and act holistically,
Negotiation negotiate successfully,
Result orientation work in a results-oriented manner.

Competence area Context (perspective)

Icon perspective competences
Competence element You are able to...
Strategy apply strategy, structure and culture to your project,
Governance, structures and processes identify existing management structures and processes and handle your project in accordance with them,
Compliance, standards and regulation identify existing rules, standards and regulations and apply them to your project,
Power and interest identify power and interests in the company and use them in the project,
Culture and values recognize culture and values and align project execution accordingly,
live sustainability in project management and project solutions.

Requirements and performance measurement

No experience in project management is required. A school-leaving certificate or vocational qualification is not necessary.

You can clarify whether you are up to the challenges of the course before you register. The cost of CHF 250.- for the preliminary assessment will be deducted from the course costs when you register.


IPMA Level D certified

After the course, proof of performance is available in the form of recognized and well-known certifications. By passing the written examination for the relevant certification, you are entitled to use the following title:

Certified Project Management Associate IPMA® Level D
Projektassistent IPMA® Level D

Related designations: Project Manager, Project Assistant, Project Management Specialist, PMO Manager, Global Project Management Officer, Project Management Officer (PMO)

Benefits of the IPMA certification

Our training courses are recognized by the Association for the Certification of Persons in Management (VZPM) and are credited towards your International Project Management Association (IPMA) recertification.

Our preparation courses prepare you in a structured way for the internationally recognized and industry-neutral IPMA® certification. Our participants work in a wide range of industries and professions and thus enrich the courses with their own experience.

IPMA certification offers a range of benefits for both individuals and companies:

For individuals

  • Higher salary: Studies show that certified project managers earn a higher salary on average than non-certified project managers.
  • Better career opportunities: Certification can help you stand out from the competition and improve your chances of getting a new job or promotion.
  • More confidence in everyday project work: Certification gives you more confidence in your work and enables you to carry out your tasks more competently and efficiently.
  • Personal development: The preparation for the certification and the exam itself contribute to your personal development in the field of project management.

For companies

  • More efficient project management: Certified project managers are generally more efficient and effective in project management.
  • Higher quality of project results: By applying best practices in project management, project results are usually better.
  • Lower project risks: Certified project managers are usually better able to identify and minimize risks.
  • Improved communication and collaboration: The use of standardized methods and processes improves communication and collaboration within the project team.

IPMA certification offers a number of benefits for both individuals and organizations. It can help you advance your career, increase project success rates and improve customer satisfaction.

Course instructor & coach

Andreas Brauchle
Speaker und Coach, Senior Consultant Project Lead
+41 62 875 10 00
Andreas Brauchle

I have in-depth knowledge, skills and abilities as a manager and consultant for projects and change in a wide range of industries.

My core competencies include

  • IPMA® certifications based on the international standard ICB4,
  • Strategic and operational project management, program management and portfolio management,
  • Didactics and methodology in adult education (adult educator SVEB-I).

My main activities include

  • Training courses and seminars: Planning and implementation of training courses, courses and seminars for companies and individuals,
  • Coaching projects and changes of medium to very high complexity,
  • Introduction of a Project Management Office (PMO),
  • Introduction of project, program and portfolio management (PPP).

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